The Power of Podcasts!

The Power of Podcasts

I always feel the need to spice up monotonous or less stimulating tasks with some type of background noise. The easy way out is usually to reach for the remote and accidently end up finishing the full season of a show. Lately, however, I find myself reaching for my phone or my computer in order to tune into podcasts that have stimulated my interest.  Whether it is a long drive, Saturday morning house cleaning, or even just a coffee break, podcasts seem to have notably enhanced my daily routine!

Why do I think tuning into podcasts is beneficial?

For one, they are free and very easily accessible. For Apple users, the Podcast app is free to download onto your mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Not a fan of Apple? Not to worry! There are apps developed to enable podcast listening on your device for little to no cost. Pocket Casts, which comes with a little price, offers a vast selection of podcasts as well as features that can make your listening experience that much more enjoyable. Apps such as Stitcher Radio, which is free, also do the job of allowing you to get your daily fix of your favorite show.

More importantly, it allows you to be in control of what you hear and what learning opportunities you create for yourself. There are heaps of categories waiting to be explored and individuals are likely to find podcasts that cover any topic of interest. A few of the categories you are able to browse include health, society and culture, technology, and comedy. I think that it is critical to stimulate our brains with topics we are passionate about, topics that explore diverse perspectives, and/or topics that you may not necessarily know anything about.

I reflected on how much I have been listening to these podcasts during my “down time”, which I classify as commuting or walking places etc., and it really adds up! The beauty of podcasts is that shows come in various different lengths to fill in whatever time slot you have to offer. I am happy to report that I have learned a thing or two without necessary trying. Not only that but certain shows have allowed me to gain more insight on ideas I already try to develop everyday.

A few of the shows I would recommend include:

1)      CBC: Quirks and Quarks.

This is a popular show that delves into topics mainly within the area of science and medicine. Episodes are in the 55-minute range and are bound to keep you itching for an explanation on random topics such as “Why chewing food triggers ‘sound rage’”.

2)      TEDTalks

Chances are you have heard of this one before, but it is just such a gem! Episodes cover virtually any topic you can think of and vary in time to mold perfectly into your schedule. One of my favorites is Amy Cuddy’s “Your body language shapes who you are”.

3)      CBC: White Coat, Black Art

A physician who brilliantly explores medicine with a “behind the scenes” approach leads this podcast. I challenge you to listen to the episode called “Reaching the person inside the dementia”.  This episode presents the validation method being used at a nursing home to enhance the experience of individuals living with Alzheimer’s.

I hope that you are able to take advantage of podcasts during your day whether it is in your free time or while you multitask. Share your favorite episodes with the people around you and enable great conversations! Feel free to let us know what you enjoy listening to J

Take care and until next time!