Self Managed Care

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I want to jump right in and talk about an extremely valuable funding opportunity from Alberta Health Services-Self Managed Care (SMC). SMC provides Albertans who are approved for the agreement to receive monetary resources that enable them to stay in their home and hire caregivers to meet their needs.

There is a sense of comfort that comes along with staying in one’s own home. It can satisfy the desire of maintaining freedom and independence. There really is no comparison when it comes to someone’s favorite lounging chair. However, to ensure a safe and supportive environment, caregivers within the home can provide the necessary services to meet all the identified individual needs.

SMC can provide support for personal care, home support services, and respite care. Personal care and home support services revolve around assisting individuals with day to day tasks such as maintaining personal hygiene, transportation, preparing meals, and participating in recreational activities. Respite care focuses on relieving unpaid caregivers so they also have an opportunity for selfcare.

Like any other legal contract signed between two parties, Alberta Health Services does hold their SMC clients responsible to meet certain expectations.

Eligibility for the program requires the client to have a valid Alberta Health Care Card and live within a community setting. Furthermore, a case manager must approve certain criteria with the client based on their unmet health care needs, health status, ongoing needs, and willingness to assume risk and responsibility of hiring caregiving services. The task of hiring an appropriate caregiver is left up to the client as long as they adhere to two regulations: the caregiver cannot be a family member and they must be legally entitled to work in Canada.

Alberta Health Services refers to clients who sign this agreement as “Agreement Holders”. This agreement is reassessed every year or when the health status of the holder changes.

The Agreement Holder is essentially responsible for managing the who, what, when, where, how, and why’s of the care they choose to employ. This includes the intake process, scheduling, financial compensation, financial reports, proper documentation, and most importantly, updating any changes made to either health statues or needs. For more detailed expectations, please refer to the official brochure that can be found at:


For more information or to get the process started, contact your local Home Care Office:

North Zone: 1-855-371-4122

Edmonton Zone: 780-496-1300

Central Zone: 1-855-371-4122

Calgary Zone: 403-943-1920

South Zone: 1-866-388-6380