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Advocacy and Personal Support in the Hospital – Hospice Care

A serious medical emergency may cause an extended hospital stay which is often overwhelming for both the individual facing the illness and for family and friends. This time can feel like an emotional roller coaster, encompassing hope and despair, as well as the stress involved in trying to get information from hospice or  hospital staff and doctors, who may not always be available to answer questions. In many cases, there are challenging decisions faced by the individual and his or her family members.

A Calgary based Aspen Care has extensive expertise in providing comfort, support and conversation for individuals and families during hospital stays. We can help you determine the questions you need to ask as you try to map out a road for the future. We can work with Alberta Health Services and your hospital to provide complete Hospice care that takes into account your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

An important element of our assistance is planning for discharge to ensure that there is no gap in services when you return home. (See Home Care section)

This is a partial list of the Hospice Care services we can provide:

  • Personalized care plan
  • Bedside support
  • Personal hygiene assistance
  • Involvement in discharge planning
  • Aid in navigating the health care system
  • Visit to your home before discharge to ensure it is properly prepared
  • Coordination and delivery of home  equipment and supplies
  • Arrangement for your transportation home
  • Communication with other health care professionals
  • Consultation for home care
  • 24- hour on call support for questions and consultation
  • Immediate response for additional care
Working with Alberta Health Services

Aspen Care provides support and works as your advocate in helping your achieve your health care system, providing complete and unbiased information about options that are available to you. Aspen Care also maintains ongoing communication with doctors and nurses ensure that our clients’ concerns or change in health conditions are heard and addressed promptly.