Home Care Service

Living and Healing in the Safety and Comfort of Your Own Home

When faced with illness or a health crisis, the first concern of many Calgarians is to be able to stay in their own homes. Home Care Services can help people achieve that important goal. However, home care can be very costly option – depending on the level of care required – and may not be possible for some people.

There are five types of home care as outlined below. During our meeting with you, we can help you determine which level of home care would best suit your needs. Call us anytime @ (403-990-3837)

Companion Care

Companion caregivers provide company for individuals. They can participate with you in a variety of activities, such as taking a walk or sharing a hobby such as playing cards or board games. Companion caregivers can also help with daily household tasks, including shopping, laundry and meal preparation.

Personal Care

Personal caregivers provide help in daily activities from getting in and out of bed, bathing and dressing, to dental hygiene and grooming. Compassionate and professional personal caregivers are discreet in their approach and respectful of client dignity and privacy.

Nursing Care

For those people recovering from surgery or experiencing a chronic illness, qualified nursing professionals can administer medications, change dressings, manage intravenous therapy and ventilators, as well as control pain and symptoms, according to the doctor’s instructions.

Respite Care

A chronic or acute illness not only impacts the individual but also their friends and family members. Sometimes relief for the family is needed. In such cases, an individual can go into a facility for a short period of time or a caregiver can be hired to help the family out and provide much needed support.

Live-in Care

When round-the-clock personal and domestic care is needed, caregivers who live in the home provide constant support and company.

Working with Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services’ provides these types of home care providers, but the hours funded may be limited. Families may need to supplement the government-funded hours provided. As a client advocate and consultant, we work with AHS to complete the necessary paperwork and to ensure that our clients receive the maximum benefit under the provincial health care plan. Another option to explore is self-managed homecare, where AHS provides the funds for the individual to hire their own caregivers.  We can help in hiring process of these individuals.

Aspen Care also maintains ongoing communication with doctors and nurses to ensure that our clients’ concerns or change in health conditions are heard and addressed promptly.

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