How to use our resources page: A look at our featured care facilities

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Hi Calgary!


I’m excited to talk to you about our resources page – particularly the section that offers information on care facilities.

Have you ever gotten a call from a loved one’s doctor suggesting that you start exploring supportive accommodation? Or maybe you’ve noticed that your independent loved one is asking for your assistance more and more often, and you suspect that he’d benefit from a supportive living environment? So naturally, you wonder, what care facility do I choose, and how do I know that they are delivering the caliber of care that they promise? Our resources page is the place you can turn when you’re faced with these transitions.

 Our resources page is FREE for you to access, and simply requires you to create a user name and password. The green header at the top of our homepage (www.aspencarecalgary.com) has a link to “resources in Calgary” – click that. The first gray box on the left hand side is our collection of Care Facilities – click your accommodation preference, and you will find a description of that housing environment, as well as a list of Calgary-area living options. There is an option on the right hand side of the screen that allows you to sort the resources by “quadrant” (NW, NE, SW, SE, or outside Calgary) if you or your loved one has a preference. Each living residence has details about the service, as well as contact information for further inquiries.

 Our care facility resource page is unique because it allows users to rate care facilities, and read the reviews of others. Aspen Care collects feedback on six points of customer experience:

  • 1.      Staffing;
  • 2.      Food;
  • 3.      Building;
  • 4.      Rooms;
  • 5.      Activities; and
  • 6.      Amenities

 How many of you have researched supportive living environments for a loved one and wished that you could ask residents and family members what they thought of the place? With our rating system, now you have that feedback at your fingertips. For you, this means that choosing a supportive living environment for your loved one will be a decision bolstered by the honest experience of others. Familiarizing yourself with the AHC standards for supportive living (found online at http://www.health.alberta.ca/services/continuing-care-forms.html) and reading through user reviews on our Aspen Care resources page will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to make an informed decision when choosing a new home for your loved one.

Our resource page is not limited to care facilities – we are proud to offer you several invaluable connections:

  • -          Community support services
  • -          55+ organizations
  • -          Suppliers of medical equipment and supplies
  • -          Health care benefit programs
  • -          Local and diverse health professionals
  • -          Holistic care options
  • -          Home care services
  • -          Palliative care services
  • -          Spiritual support and resources
  • -          Not for Profit organizations

Come and take a visit through our fast-growing resources page and see how Aspen Care can companion your journey.

If you any questions about accessing our resources page, let us know at info@aspencarecalgary.com – we would be happy to assist you!

 Have you come across any companies that have really helped you along your journey, and you think we should add? Have feedback for our online resources database? Want to add your company to our growing list of resources? Let us know in the comments below, or contact us at info@aspencarecalgary.com. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts!