About Us

Aspen Care provides professional and compassionate transitional services to fellow Calgarians who are experiencing medical issues or limited abilities due to chronic illness or aging.

Our goals for Aspen Care:

  • Support seniors and family members through their health care crisis.
  • Provide home care, for end-of-life care, personal care and specialized care.
  • Create an one-stop shop website for services and resources for seniors with health related issues.
  • Network seniors with compassionate health care practitioners for their physical, spiritual, emotional and mental needs.
  • Provide bereavement & grieving counseling
  • Provide educational seminars & workshops

On our website, we provide valuable background information on the different levels of care available in Calgary, Our website is a “one-stop shop” where you can learn about Hospital Care, Home Care Calgary Continuing Care, Assisted Living, Palliative Home Care and Hospice Care Calgary as well as other specialized services.

Through our website, we provide information on any and all pertinent transition resources, including organizations, agencies and facilities. Our information covers Alberta Health Services offerings as well as other community-based private resources. We have also created a growing team of trustworthy individual care providers and other professionals to help with every aspect of your situation.

We have researched these resources personally and can vouch for their professional and responsible operations. Through our research, we have come into contact with all the resources available in Calgary that might be helpful for individuals dealing with a health crisis. We have the “big picture” and can help you explore a number of options that meet your needs and support you in your decision-making process.

Our website is only the beginning of the process. We meet with you and your family personally and collaborate with you to create a comprehensive plan of care that meets your– and your family’s — unique needs, along with a team of professionals to put the plan in place.

At a time of stress and uncertainty, we help you navigate the uncharted waters of the health care system with compassion and caring.

Let us be part of your support team.  Call us today: 403-990-3837  

 Meet Our Aspen Care Founder

Shelley McLellan, Executive Director
Shelley’s lifelong passion for helping others through their health crisis is what led her to create Aspen Care. A native Calgarian, Shelley has the understanding of the local health care system combined with a passion for helping others.
Shelley has served Calgarians for over 30 years, most of that time in the health care industry. She specializes in palliative care for clients in local facilities. Through the years, Shelley has demonstrated an ability to love her clients unconditionally and to support their families at the most critical and emotional times.
Her various volunteer activities also support her interest in helping people live a better quality of life. For example, a recent trip included the Mother Teresa House in Kolkata, India, where she and her children helped wash and care for 35 young girls with physical disabilities. Shelley also played a role in helping build a charitable hospital near Delhi, through her involvement as a director with the CHILD Foundation.
Shelley comes by her compassion and care through personal experience. Her brother, Dwight McLellan, died in his 40s from an incurable brain tumor. He gave his sister one of the best gifts in life before passing – he died in her arms, in the comfort of his own home surrounded by his family. Shelley was able to provide that love and support for Dwight during his last six months.
Shelley has walked in your shoes. Through her personal experience, she developed the medical, technical, administrative and emotional understanding of these kinds of critical situations and wants to share her expertise with you.